Thursday, September 1, 2011

ello September

Today has been one of those crazy days... a good crazy day. I mean, I basically stayed in the house all day- other than for a nice walk midday. Oh, and I picked through our garden which explains the picture with the tomato in my nose. I ate one of our peppers not knowing what type it was and evidently, it was the BURNING type! So there I was trying to fix my mouth from flaming, and I guess I needed to pick my nose or something at that critical time and then my nose was on fire too. Google suggested a tomato would help? thank you google, but the classic milk remedy was the trick.

At least everything else in the day worked out for the better. The farmer's market, a gift in the mail, entertainment by the fake butterfly in a jar (it kinda looks real because it actually flutters!) a walk to the antique store, finding a stick and creating a jewelry holder, and rearranging/decorating my room, and ending the day with a fresh salad. Oh, and a few friends came over too- we watched the air guitar documentary. 

p.s. I welcome September with open arms!

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