Wednesday, August 31, 2011

this n' that

 I've been thinking a bit about the recent years, my current goals and distant dreams.

let's start with recent years

It's been nice to mark off the different places I've been as I've traveled with family and friends throughout the years. My favorite pass time is to reminisce of  my travels. 

Current goals?

color my hair red! I know, I get ambitious.

Other than red hair, I have quite a few other projects in mind. I look forward to making them happen.

Such as (but not limited to):
indulge in netflix
find a cozy salon to call home
learn guitar (still)
find a bicycle to call my own
finish the book I'm currently on
get into rock climbing
art classes
dance classes
learn a bit more about photography

simple, yes. So far;)

Future dreams? TRAVEL THE WORLD!!!!!! 

p.s. I love sharpies. 

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