Saturday, September 10, 2011

so far

It's so lovely to be home again. The train ride was long, yet entertaining with a  few nomads around. Fourteen hours on the train made for a lot of crazy fun stories, and a hurting back the next day! I was welcomed at the train station by my beautiful Mom, and my all-so-grown-up little sister (who's my height now!). They greeted me flowers and Horizon chocolate milk (my fave). 

So far I've enjoyed girls night with  sisters, 50 cent tattoos, and a wild day out with the kiddos at the Eco festival where they got their face painted. Also another thing I've enjoyed since being home is catching up with friends, family dinners, and the familiarity of Conway. After a year of being out and about, it sure is good to be back. (sigh of contentment) 

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  1. im loving reading all ur blogs and seeing wot u been up to :D love ya lots. Tina XxX