Saturday, September 24, 2011


I remember coming back into the States with the feeling of being a foreigner. Yes, a foreigner. I think I left my heart in Canada.

Even now, being back in Arkansas (for the time being) I still have this wondering, unsettled feeling. I try to talk myself through this turmoil within, telling myself that I'm back where my roots grow deep, and all should be well again. But for some reason, I cannot find rest even still.

It has been such a delight to spend time with my wonderful family and beautiful friends these past two weeks. Now that I've caught up with my dear peoples, I still have a hunger for more of the open road. Is something wrong with me? I often wonder why cannot stay still, work a 9-5, have my own place, and simply be happy. I suppose I'll have to work for a bit at least, then hit the road again. Yes, Still searching.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

so far

It's so lovely to be home again. The train ride was long, yet entertaining with a  few nomads around. Fourteen hours on the train made for a lot of crazy fun stories, and a hurting back the next day! I was welcomed at the train station by my beautiful Mom, and my all-so-grown-up little sister (who's my height now!). They greeted me flowers and Horizon chocolate milk (my fave). 

So far I've enjoyed girls night with  sisters, 50 cent tattoos, and a wild day out with the kiddos at the Eco festival where they got their face painted. Also another thing I've enjoyed since being home is catching up with friends, family dinners, and the familiarity of Conway. After a year of being out and about, it sure is good to be back. (sigh of contentment) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


1. Vancouver beach with friends (several times!)
2. My mom  meeting my Canadian mom 
3. mom and I vacation in Victoria
4. I move to chicago with the help of Sarah and Tina
5. meeting up with Nik Parks in chicago
6. Sarah and Tina staying with me for a few weeks
7. Matt and Abby's beautiful wedding
8. fourth of July with Tina (who's from Gibraltar)
9. Jo and Suzy visit 
10. random fun in chicago
11. having too much time on my hands and playing dress up.
12. Josh and Michael drive in from Canada for the day
13. hanging out with Bill and his friends
14. lake Michigan with michael and lena!
15. Wisconsin road trip
16.hiking with michael, lena, Amaryah and Harmony on my birthday!

These are just a few of the wonderful times I've had this Summer. I love it. Summer 2011 has been excellent!!! 

Monday, September 5, 2011


beautiful September sky. 

It has been lovely here in Chicago these past few days. I feel like my life makes sense again! Sure I love the Summer (which I'll be posting my Summer high points soon!) but you know, there is nothing like the cool Autumn breeze. I've enjoyed hiking, cruising, family parties, and the beer garden with friends thus far. I look forward to everything this season has to offer. Including all of the wonderful things I'll be doing with my family when I visit home. Mom's cookin', crafts with little sister (Nikki), coffee and chats with older sister (sherah), and motorcycle rides with Dad! 

So here I am, getting all cozy and ready for  xyzzzzzzzzzzz....looking forward to what this week will bring

Thursday, September 1, 2011

ello September

Today has been one of those crazy days... a good crazy day. I mean, I basically stayed in the house all day- other than for a nice walk midday. Oh, and I picked through our garden which explains the picture with the tomato in my nose. I ate one of our peppers not knowing what type it was and evidently, it was the BURNING type! So there I was trying to fix my mouth from flaming, and I guess I needed to pick my nose or something at that critical time and then my nose was on fire too. Google suggested a tomato would help? thank you google, but the classic milk remedy was the trick.

At least everything else in the day worked out for the better. The farmer's market, a gift in the mail, entertainment by the fake butterfly in a jar (it kinda looks real because it actually flutters!) a walk to the antique store, finding a stick and creating a jewelry holder, and rearranging/decorating my room, and ending the day with a fresh salad. Oh, and a few friends came over too- we watched the air guitar documentary. 

p.s. I welcome September with open arms!