Wednesday, August 31, 2011

this n' that

 I've been thinking a bit about the recent years, my current goals and distant dreams.

let's start with recent years

It's been nice to mark off the different places I've been as I've traveled with family and friends throughout the years. My favorite pass time is to reminisce of  my travels. 

Current goals?

color my hair red! I know, I get ambitious.

Other than red hair, I have quite a few other projects in mind. I look forward to making them happen.

Such as (but not limited to):
indulge in netflix
find a cozy salon to call home
learn guitar (still)
find a bicycle to call my own
finish the book I'm currently on
get into rock climbing
art classes
dance classes
learn a bit more about photography

simple, yes. So far;)

Future dreams? TRAVEL THE WORLD!!!!!! 

p.s. I love sharpies. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

wisconsin stars

I've been working with a friend of mine here in Chicago and last Friday while driving with him he asks me "Would you want to visit my friend in Wisconsin?" all I could say is "heck yeah".

After working for 12hours, we were finally able to pack up and hit the road. We picked up another friend on the way- so it was the three of us heading to Wisconsin at 2am.

There is nothing like the road at night. Especially when your driving for the heck of it. I had a lot on my mind, and it seemed as though my thoughts started to melt away with each mile marker. Finally, I could breathe in some fresh air, sit back, and watch the stars as we're driving through the night.

I remember someone telling me while I was in Canada that it only takes 21 miles to truly clear your mind. Is this why I like to stay on the road so much? (chuckles)

Finally, 10am we pulled up to the beautiful cabin resort on the lake and there stood Andy, a tall country boy in his pj's and boots welcoming us with a smile and a wave. We turned off the truck and I let out a deep sigh- I realized that I had been riding around in that truck for over 24hours at that point! Including the work we did the previous day, and the road trip excursion. Thank goodness we were finally at our destination, because the boys were getting smelly. ew.

Over four days of staying at the resort, I learned a lot about myself. For one, I am more of a country girl than I realized. The only shoes I brought were moccasins and sandals and I rarely even wore those! Of course the guys picked fun at me and called me Pocahontas, but hey, I was a happy girl.

I spent the mornings in the hammock reading my book "the gypsy eight" with my coffee, the midday/evenings getting into trouble with the guys, having a good beer, shooting guns (which the police eventually showed up for that), pulling tree stumps and putting them in his neighbors yard, fishing, talking about all of the boats were going to steal and take off in (don't worry, we're all talk). Oh, the good life. The nights were blissful, while everyone stayed inside and played pool, or darts, I wondered off and found the perfect little boat dock. There I nestled in my Arizona blanket (it's my security blanket evidently) and spent the night under the stars.

My soul needed that.

I woke up to the wind in the trees, the birds singing, and the guys shooting off their obnoxious guns, again. Idiots. Uhem...

Life is most enjoyed when there is nothing more than the simplicity of the now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

high five.

I set my alarm this morning to give me enough time to jump out of bed, get my yoga mat and take a nice bike ride to the Yoga studio I found online. Well, evidently I didn't study my directions well enough to find the studio on time (I didn't find it at all actually) but look at this little treasure I did find!

unfortunately, my tires had a leak, so I couldn't stay out long.... I am disappointed that I missed the class, but youtube's yoga channels never fail!

Errands make for a long day, especially by foot. Yes, I'm still car-less. But that's okay because all of the essentials are within walking distance...

like that vintage shop

and the Irish Times beer garden.

See? Who needs a car! And thanks to Toms for making the worlds most comfortable shoe, I feel like I could run errands all day.

poor things.


Perhaps I'll catch tomorrow's yoga class????

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

watch this, I dare you.

I watched this with a bottle of wine and a note book to jot down their memorable quotes. You should too- I know you'll like it!

Lake Michigan

Yesterday Michael, Lena and I took a little road trip to the Michigan sand dunes by the beach. It was such a good day for the open road, then the open water.

 Although, Lena and I got distracted with this incredible antique shop, so of course we stopped to take a peek!

Vintage radios galore!

ahhhh finally, the beach!

kickin' back

Little ice cream to end the day

the brilliant sunset! 

Thanks to Michael and Lena for such a lovely day<3

Sunday, August 14, 2011

wedding bells

My friend Sam married the love of his life this past weekend and I was so lucky to catch a ride with the photographer (Lena) and attend. Actually, I'm more friends with his sister Jo  and so I confess, I used his wedding as an excuse to visit her (but don't tell him that of course!). Lena and I packed our weekend begs and drove to the border of Indiana and Ohio where the wedding was held. After a long ride, we finally arrived at our destination, a gorgeous vintage house where I expected Jane Austen might've lived. This is the view from the kitchen!
Once we settled in (which wasn't any trouble at all) we roamed the house and quickly fell in love with it's vintage charm. The arched doorways, the library with a record player, the grand dining room, and of course our marvelous sleeping quarters. My darling friends Jo and Suzy roomed with Lena and I, which is not ideal if you're looking for a peaceful night's sleep, or any sleep at all! We were too excited about everything to get any zzzzz's. 

Finally, the morning Sun caused our room to glow which woke us up with smiles on our face. The morning was going well until we get a phone call while at starbucks to rush back to the house because Lena was stuck in the bathroom! I couldn't help myself but to burst out laughing while in the cafe'. Everyone turned their head, and I just took our large order of drinks out the door and quickly returned the our damsel in distress. 
Thankfully, Lena figured it out and wasn't late for any of her photography engagements with the bride and groom. well done Lena (chuckles). The day carried on with giggles, tears of joy, and maybe a few sighs to relieve the stress of making sure everything was perfect. Which, everything was perfect

These pictures shows a little bit of the charming character of the house, and the Bride's stunning gown. The ceremony was held outside and it was simply beautiful! Of course the reception followed, then the dance party began! We danced....and danced....and danced...the open bar was a plus (grin). 
The night seemed to never end. Well, until Jo, Suzy and I passed out in our bed with soaking wet hair due to the fact that we swam in the fountain....

Now, I'm glad to be home again, getting cozy and catching up on my favorite blogs. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicago this time

Here I am, in Chicago Illinois! Not too long ago, I was making my way here from the west coast of Canada. For the past year I've been living in Vancouver, and loving it. I sold everything I had worth selling in order to secure rent for a few months, and a one way ticket to get there. Here I am, a year later, with a heart full of beautiful memories and a whole new outlook on life. I learned a lot while in Vancouver, mostly from living with eleven other people in one house. Yeah, eleven other people. It was like a reality tv show there for a while- you can ask any one of them and they would agree! But you know, as the year progressed, we learned to mesh our eclectic souls together and by the time we said our goodbyes, we didn't see each others differences, but each others hearts.

I was living "by faith" while I was in Canada. It was scary, not knowing if I was going to be making the next month's rent or not. If I didn't make rent, then I would be going home, which I didn't have money for the plane ticket either! No worries- I came to know the God of provision while I was there. Thankfully, someone anonymously paid for 6 months of rent and the rest of the year school tuition. Oh yeah- I was going to Vancouver for an internship to begin with! That's how this all started actually.... Spring 2010 I took a road trip with my family to California and we ended up following the coast heading north into Vancouver for my sister's graduation. You see, she attended the internship that year, that's how I met everyone to begin with. So we go to her graduation and I met all of these new, awesome people. They seemed different, honestly. But I knew I wanted what they had- even though I didn't know how to pin-down exactly what they had. There was just something about them. They were lively, attentive, free. I knew that was just a few of the qualities they possessed. I needed to know more about the internship, I needed whatever the interns had.

After staying a few days in Vancouver, we headed back to Arkansas where our 28 day road trip ended. My journey just began though. Throughout the Summer I explored several options for the Fall, I needed something new, a change in my life. This internship with Streams Ministries seemed to, in a way, haunt me. I had literal dreams about going to the school. Which is funny, because one of the courses they offer is in dream interpretation. Well, my sister interpreted the dreams and whadya know, it was pretty clear that I was supposed to attend the school! I didn't think I could though, because I had recent cosmetology school loans that I still needed to pay off. In one day, I found out that I wasn't in debt any longer and I was advised to fill out the Streams internship forms!

My life changed that September as I began the internship. I had no clue what was waiting for me, but now, being at the end of the year, I can now say that it was worth it. All of it, was worth it.

Chicago is my next adventure... here we go! This blog is about m'life. My memories, my thoughts, my inspirations, epic fails, goals, current nail polish fetish, you know, it's my interactive journal. Welcome:)