Tuesday, September 6, 2011


1. Vancouver beach with friends (several times!)
2. My mom  meeting my Canadian mom 
3. mom and I vacation in Victoria
4. I move to chicago with the help of Sarah and Tina
5. meeting up with Nik Parks in chicago
6. Sarah and Tina staying with me for a few weeks
7. Matt and Abby's beautiful wedding
8. fourth of July with Tina (who's from Gibraltar)
9. Jo and Suzy visit 
10. random fun in chicago
11. having too much time on my hands and playing dress up.
12. Josh and Michael drive in from Canada for the day
13. hanging out with Bill and his friends
14. lake Michigan with michael and lena!
15. Wisconsin road trip
16.hiking with michael, lena, Amaryah and Harmony on my birthday!

These are just a few of the wonderful times I've had this Summer. I love it. Summer 2011 has been excellent!!! 

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