Sunday, August 14, 2011

wedding bells

My friend Sam married the love of his life this past weekend and I was so lucky to catch a ride with the photographer (Lena) and attend. Actually, I'm more friends with his sister Jo  and so I confess, I used his wedding as an excuse to visit her (but don't tell him that of course!). Lena and I packed our weekend begs and drove to the border of Indiana and Ohio where the wedding was held. After a long ride, we finally arrived at our destination, a gorgeous vintage house where I expected Jane Austen might've lived. This is the view from the kitchen!
Once we settled in (which wasn't any trouble at all) we roamed the house and quickly fell in love with it's vintage charm. The arched doorways, the library with a record player, the grand dining room, and of course our marvelous sleeping quarters. My darling friends Jo and Suzy roomed with Lena and I, which is not ideal if you're looking for a peaceful night's sleep, or any sleep at all! We were too excited about everything to get any zzzzz's. 

Finally, the morning Sun caused our room to glow which woke us up with smiles on our face. The morning was going well until we get a phone call while at starbucks to rush back to the house because Lena was stuck in the bathroom! I couldn't help myself but to burst out laughing while in the cafe'. Everyone turned their head, and I just took our large order of drinks out the door and quickly returned the our damsel in distress. 
Thankfully, Lena figured it out and wasn't late for any of her photography engagements with the bride and groom. well done Lena (chuckles). The day carried on with giggles, tears of joy, and maybe a few sighs to relieve the stress of making sure everything was perfect. Which, everything was perfect

These pictures shows a little bit of the charming character of the house, and the Bride's stunning gown. The ceremony was held outside and it was simply beautiful! Of course the reception followed, then the dance party began! We danced....and danced....and danced...the open bar was a plus (grin). 
The night seemed to never end. Well, until Jo, Suzy and I passed out in our bed with soaking wet hair due to the fact that we swam in the fountain....

Now, I'm glad to be home again, getting cozy and catching up on my favorite blogs. 

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  1. What a blissful adventure! I love the part about swimming in the fountain :). Love!!