Wednesday, August 17, 2011

high five.

I set my alarm this morning to give me enough time to jump out of bed, get my yoga mat and take a nice bike ride to the Yoga studio I found online. Well, evidently I didn't study my directions well enough to find the studio on time (I didn't find it at all actually) but look at this little treasure I did find!

unfortunately, my tires had a leak, so I couldn't stay out long.... I am disappointed that I missed the class, but youtube's yoga channels never fail!

Errands make for a long day, especially by foot. Yes, I'm still car-less. But that's okay because all of the essentials are within walking distance...

like that vintage shop

and the Irish Times beer garden.

See? Who needs a car! And thanks to Toms for making the worlds most comfortable shoe, I feel like I could run errands all day.

poor things.


Perhaps I'll catch tomorrow's yoga class????

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