Sunday, September 26, 2010


What a more beautiful place to live than Vancouver!!! Best yet- Commercial drive. WOW. The area is perfectly eclectic and stunningly beautiful.
I went for a lovely walk today (Sunday) and hung out at the park where all of the older gentlemen were hangin' out- playing cards and smoking their cigars, young vibrant families were playing on the playground, and the singles playing with their dogs. The park was surrounded by houses that were painted with lovely colors to exaggerate their charm. As I ventured away from the park and the neighbor hoods, I found myself back on the main drive going in and out of the stores.
Yesterday we did some awesome energy work and I throughly enjoyed it, so it was nice to take a break today and have a different sort of adventure!
I wish pictures gave it justice.
 There is art painted on every thing!

 Every one drives the cutest vehicles. Oh, I don't remember seeing so many VW vans in one area!
 mountain and alley
 The walk from our house to Commercial dr. you can see downtown ever so slightly!
 This might be a better view of our house

 Another beautiful park
 The best shopping on The Drive!
A flower I found!

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  1. Looking forward to reading more about your journey! Please write a lot!