Thursday, January 12, 2012

Victoria, with mom

I realized that I never blogged about my splendid trip this past Spring with my mom! My mom visited me while I was living in Vancouver. We traveled to the the Island of Victoria for a lovely vacation, just mom and I.

This is actually in Stanley Park, one of her first outings once she arrived in Vancouver.

Burtha Naude showed my mom around town! Or, at least the parks in town ;)

Then off we went... on our way to Victoria!

We met a lovely local lady while on the Ferry and she offered to give us a ride to The Butchart Gardens.

We finally arrive in paradise!

We walked in the garden for HOURS.... it was the most beautiful landscape I have ever been in. Then we took the buss in to town, walked a few blocks, found our hostel, and crashed!

This was the peaceful sunset view from our window.

Crazay fun place

Our cozy little room! It was just perfect for the two of us. There wasn't much room for anything else though- which was really great in the long run because it inspired us to be out-n-about! We walked ALL over the town.

This was our favorite little cafe that was open breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ate the majority of our meals here because it was SO DARN GOOOOOD!!!

Whale watching for the day. It was soooo neat to be out on the boat, close to the whales.

Chalk art on the side walks

zip line baby!

heck yeah, GO MOM!

The majestic Empress Hotel

I treasure the adventures I had on that trip with my mom. She's so cool. 

this is a link to a nice song that I was playing while I downloaded the pictures, enjoy:)

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